Secure Base Solutions

We provide a specialised set of services that are based on and promote attachment and relational resilience. Through our service you can access assessments, training, supervision and consultation that can be used in the areas of family and children's services, out-of-home care, youth services, early childhood, and education sectors. We work with parents, carers and staff who work  with developmental risk, vulnerability and neurodevelopmental challenges.

Attachment Style Interview (ASI)

The ASI is one of our formalised tools. It is a validated tool that is used to assess attachment style and to identify barriers  such as high mistrust, an inability to form close supportive relationships, fear of rejection and unresolved anger issues.  


Lisa Gardiner and Liz Sanders in partnership with Middlesex University and the UK Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies (CATS) are excited to introduce this assessment and the assessor training in the ASI to Australia and New Zealand.

Evidenced Based

Understanding attachment through the ASI lens has incredible benefits when those really tough decisions about the best option for a child or young person have to be made.  ASIs are evidence based and not subject to our individual bias.  The ASI results means you can introduce targeted supports and scaffolding to reduce risk and work with parents, carers and professionals  to increase resilience.

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