Attachment Style Interview Training next course in Sydney February 2020


The capacity to form stable and secure relationships is one of the most significant protective factors for individuals who have experienced childhood adversity.

Understanding an individual's attachment style enables practitioners to recognise and promote resilience across the lifespan.

The stories that we tell ourselves  about our own worth and the worth of others (our internal working models) impact on all of our relationships. These stories are formed in our early years as a result of the primary caregiver relationship.


Provides services that are based on attachment and promote relational resilience. 

We offer assessments, training, supervision and consultation that can be used in the areas of family and children's services, out-of-home care, youth services, early childhood, and education. 

We work with parents, carers and staff who work  with developmental risk, vulnerability and neurodevelopmental challenges.


Are you are interested in developing skills in attachment based practice or being trained in attachment style assessments?

We train experienced and qualified practitioners in the Attachment Style Interview (ASI) and Attachment Based Therapeutic Practice.

We focus on and identify resilience and identify the risks to relationship and safety.  

If you are working with Families, Children and Individuals in the areas of Early Childhood, Foster Care, Residential Care, Mental Health, Aged Care and Veterans.  

The ASI and related assessments from the Centre for Abuse & Trauma Studies have been used in the UK, Europe and Japan for years.  

Please contact us if you would like to  know more about the Attachment Style Interview and Attachment Based Training.  

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