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About Us

A bit about us, the ASI & Community of Practice

Lisa and  Liz are working in partnership with CATS (Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies) at UK’s Middlesex University to introduce an accessible evidence-based attachment assessment to Australia.

Liz Sanders has a background in Social Work and Family Therapy and over thirty years experience in the human services sector. Liz specialises in working with vulnerable children and adults for whom the experience of early abuse, trauma and disrupted attachment impact negatively on family life.  Liz has an ongoing commitment to working with parents and developing their capacity to grow. 

Lisa Gardiner's background has been in mental health, sexual abuse and family violence, women's health, neurodevelopment and attachment.  Her career has spanned across sectors in government, non government and private organisations as a practitioner, executive and governance.  For the last 10 years as an owner, director & principal of a Clinical Consultancy. She uses her experience to support individuals, teams and organisations to develop, grow and achieve positive outcomes.

Attachment Style Interview

The ASI is an audio-recorded, semi-structured interview which takes around 1.5 hours to administer with clients. It uses standardised thresholds for scoring. Using tools which use practitioner judgement (where the assessor makes the final scoring and judgments are based on previously determined benchmarks), together with use of flexible probing questions, provides a more in depth picture of relationships and attitudes to closeness and helps to counteract reporting biases. The ASI is one of the few attachment style interviews that has an accessible and transparent method of questioning and scoring to assess both secure and insecure relating styles.

Community of Practice

We are committed to ensuring that this evidence-based tool is applied with the rigour and standards that underpin best practice. With this in mind, we hosted an implementation meeting June 2018 to talk about the potential uses of the ASI and the shape that a community of practice should take. There were some great discussions and it’s fair to say everyone felt energised and excited by the prospect of what’s to come.

The Community of Practice is part of the ASI training and provides on going support for ASI Assessment Practitioners.   We will have regular contact with our colleagues in the UK as well as discussion forums with the ASI Consultative Committee.  

All members of the Community of Practice will receive a regular  newsletter, articles and invitations to webinars.


Others who use the ASI

“For the past ten years we have used the Attachment Style Interview tool to work more effectively with young people across our sixteen children’s homes and therapeutic Wraparound services and we are now extending its use in fostering services. The ASI has been indispensable in providing a deeper understanding for our Support staff, Therapeutic Workers and Supervising Social Workers. The knowledge afforded by the ASI process has enabled them to develop more nuanced care plans for children and young people enabling happier more secure homes and brighter futures.”

CEO – St Christopher’s Fellowship, UK

“We have been using the ASI in our Agency for over 10 years. It is now an integral part of our assessments of suitability to adopt. The ASI gives us important evidence based information about the likely support needs of prospective adoptive parents. Because the ASI records in applicants’ own words, feedback about their attachment style and what it means for them is easily understood. It leads to a collaborative approach in the relationship, which is invaluable in planning support with them when children are placed. It also gives us an insight into the ability of applicants to name their emotions, their communicative openness, the quality of their significant relationships, and their view of the world in general.”

Senior Adoption Practitioner – Adoption Matters, UK

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