Attachment Style Interview Training next course in Sydney February 2020




The ASI is used in different settings and practice contexts it aids assessments of risk and resilience in terms of support and attachment capacity.

For children in care it is used as a means of reflecting parents and carers' ongoing and anticipated support in relation to need over the course of crises that may arise with children in their care. It reflects carers’ current supportive network, quality of partner relationship, the quality of selected close relationships and their capacity for relating, to help assess resilience and ability to provide a stable family context for the child.

Additionally, in settings such as school,  the ASI can be used to assess a young person's relational resilience.  Growing resilience during adolescents helps with self esteem and self awareness, it increases the capacity to learn and can improve peer and family relationships.  

Parents and educators benefit from this process as it provides a pathway that identifies areas of risk and assists to establish a collaborative approach to moving forward positively through shared language and understanding.

It basically gets everyone on the same page!



 The training for the Attachment Style Interview (ASI) comprises of a four-day course covering the essential elements required for administering and scoring the instrument reliably. 

The ASI's is evidence based and it's reliability and validity has been tested in a number of sites in the UK and it is a reputable interview tool for assessing current social and psychological factors around relationships that highlight risk or resilience in relation to family life.

In Australia and New Zealand you can undertake the training as an organisation or join other professionals for training that is held throughout the year.  

We also provide training in Neurodevelopment & Attachment, Impact of Trauma on Attachment, Attachment Styles and Supervision.

Next Sydney ASI Assessor training 

in November 2019 is FULL.

Register for training commencing February 2020.



We run regular information sessions to demonstrate how the ASI could work in your setting.   

We offer professional development in attachment, neurodevelopment, behaviour and interventions.

Learn how to apply attachment theory into your practice.  

We can assist in developing achieveable outcomes and the measuring individual change in attachment.

Individually Liz and Lisa run their own consultancies and have extensive experience in supervision, professional development, program development, organisational development and training.